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Community Dividend

The Community Dividend Helping Young People

RKdia is a catering service operating within the community, serving the community and working for the community. It was specifically formed to serve the community through providing great catering and event services whilst helping young people to gain skills and experience in hospitality. Led by an experienced Manager and qualified Head Chef, RKdia caters for over 250 events a year. The team ensures that each one, no matter how small or large, is professionally managed to meet our client’s exact requirements.

Our profits are re-invested back into RKdia to provide young people with real work experience in a demanding environment. Crucially, the challenges we set give them the self-confidence they need to achieve their aims and ambitions.

Over many years we have been hugely successful in helping young people, over 80% of our placements gain regular work after taking part in the programme, our most recent successes include:

  • Matthew aged 24, no previous employment history, after 12 weeks with RKdia gained a catering job with a major employer, after six weeks into his new job Matthew has been given promotion and been enrolled on his company’s Chef training scheme.
  • Alan aged 19 unable to obtain a job over 12 months after completing his catering qualification offered 2 jobs after 7 weeks with RKdia.
  • Keith aged 20, no real experience or ambition after six weeks with us Keith has been truly inspired by catering and is currently desperately seeking work as a catering assistant. 

We're extending our community support:

RKdia has built up a solid reputation for providing good quality food and service at all its events.  Whilst doing that we've been serving our communities by helping young unemployed people gain jobs by giving them work experience and training in hospitality services.  Over the years we've enjoyed enormous success with many of the young people we've helped forging successful careers.  Each youngster is closely mentored and supervised by an experienced team member.  So far we have only been able to offer these gold opportunities in catering in helping young people into work through our catering services.

But the success we've enjoyed to date in helping young people into work has encouraged us to offer the same level of training and support in office and business admnistration.  The pilot project we ran in Autumn 2015 has taught us that this new opportunity will be challenging for entire office team and our placements, but every bit worth it.  It will double the opportunities we have to give a helping hand to unemployed people working hard to get into work. 

By choosing RKdia you are not only choosing a great caterer but also helping young people build a better future for themselves.

Looking for a venue for your party?

Try our lovely cafe room at RKdia's Knighton Corner.