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Mobile bars

Mobile Bar Details

  1. Smart Contemporary Design Our bar is of smart contemporary design suitable for installation in any setting, whilst mobile and portable it is of solid construction with a built-in permanent feel.
  2. Managed by a Personal Licence Holder The bar is managed by a personal licence holder with an appropriate number of assistants – dependent on the number of guests attending your party.
  3. Competitive Tariff, our very competitive bar tariff offers a comprehensive range of drinks, other drinks may be requested at the time of booking. We also have a cocktail list if required.
  4. Refundable Booking Fee The basic cost of the bar hire is £120.00, which includes setting up, applying for a Temporary Events Notice from the Local Authority and dismantling the bar and removal of all waste at the end of the evening. The bar hire cost is incrementally refundable depending on the level of sales.




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